Business activities

Hiep Phat Construction Service Trading Joint Stock Company has performed almost services relating to construction such as:

- Design of civil and industrial works

- Construction of varied houses and public works

- Construction of civil engineering and industrial works

- Demolition, leveling and preparation of plan

- Installation of systems:

• Electricity

• Water supply and drainage

• Heating and air conditioning

• Other systems: elevator, escalator, automatic door, lighting, etc.

- Completion of construction and other specialized construction activities

- Rental of construction equipment and machine

- Wholesale of iron, steel, other installed equipments and materials in construction

- Project management and establishment

- Estimation of construction cost

- Consultancy and Bidding

- Design investigation

- General estimation of construction

- Inspection and certification of project quality


Construction Planning:

- General planning of urban construction for:

• Urbans in multi-grades of speciality, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

• Urbans in cities under the Central Government

• Interprovincial town

• New town with population equivalent to grade 5 and above

• Town in high-tech zones and economic zones with special functions

- Detailed planning of urban construction for functional areas in urban and industrial zones, high-tech zones, export processing zones, cultural heritage reservation zone, tourism and identified others.

- Detailed planning for urban current state renovation.

- Planning for rural and central residential areas.

Construction Investment Project Formation:

- Investment Report (Pre-Feasibility Study) and investment certificate for national projects in accordance with Article 5 - Decree 12/2009/ND-CP dated Febraury 12, 2009 of the Government.

- Construction Investment Project Formation (Feasibility Study) for projects of group A, B, C including the following items:

• Project description

• Basic design according to approved design

- Technical and Economic Report for:

• Projects of religion

• New construction, renovation, repair and upgrade with total investment of less than 15 billion Vietnam dong (excluding land-use fee) in accordance with planning of economic and social development, sector, construction unless the investor finds its necessary to make investment project.

Construction Survey

Construction Survey (Article 46 - Construction Law) includes:

- Topographical survey

- Geological surveys

- Geological and hydrological surveys

- Current state survey

- Other surveys for construction activities (survey and evaluation of construction impact on the surrounding environment) for projects of special grade, grade I, II, III and IV of the same type. Construction survey just can be done under approved survey task.

Construction Design

Construction Design for civil and industrial projects from special grade to grade I, II, III and IV. The design can be made in one step, two steps or three steps (Article 54 - Construction Law and Article 16 - Decree 12/2009/ND-CP dated February 12, 2009 of the Government) depending on character and scope of each type construction.

Investigation of Investment Project, Design, Estimation and General Estimation

- Investigation of investment project (Article 10 & 11 - Decree 12/2009/ND-CP dated February 12, 2009 of the Government) includes:

• Reviewing elements to ensure effectiveness of the project, including investment necessityr; the inputs of the project; scale, capacity, technology, time, project schedule; financial analysis, total investment, economic and social efficiency.

• Considering the elements to ensure feasibility of project, including: conformity to planning; land-use demand, natural resources (if any); capability of land clearance and raise capital to meet the project's schedule; management experience of investor; the capability to loan refund; fire prevention measure; factors affecting the project such as defense, security, environment and other relevant regulations.

- Construction Design Investigation consists of:

• Conformity of approved designs

• Compliance of construction standards

• Safety of project

• The reasonableness of technology line selection and selected devices (if any); the correctness of application of Economic – Technical norms;

• Cost standard, unit price and relevant policies and expenses in estimation as prescribed, etc.

Consultant of Bidding and Tender Selection

- Establishing of tender invitation dossier based on:

• Tender plan approved by authorities

• Request of investor

• Approved design dossier (including technical explantion + drawing + detailed estimation) and relevant legal documents

• Construction conditions.

- Analysis and evaluation of tender dossier (after tender dossiers approved) including:

• Tender opening

• Tender evaluation

• Tender report

Experiment – Quality Test

- Test technical parameters, mechanical properties of soil, rock and construction materials

- Check quality of concrete, steel and construction items

- Determine the load capacity of the foundation pile

- Test loading capacity of project of bridges and roads, etc.

Construction Investment

On behalf of Investor to do the following items during construction process:

- Manage entire or categories of project

- Supervise construction schedule and quality

- Supervise contract performance

- Etc.

Property and Equipment Evaluation

- Valuate entire or sectors of project basing on current pricing policy to help investor in construction payment as well as valuation of investment capital contribution and joint ventures, etc.

- Valuate construction equipment and machine.

With more than 14-year business, Hiep Phat has implemented hundreds of projects for local and international enterprises as well as has invested many kinds of modern equipments and machines specializing in construction and installation to ensure project implementation schedule and quality.

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