Method warranty:
* Products are warranted for 6 months from date of purchase.
* If the product is damaged due to technical fault the production will be repaired and replaced genuine parts.* Warranty with product operation in normal conditions.
No warranties receive the following cases:
* Use is not in accordance with the machine guidebook.
* Improper installation, resulting in damage to the machine (using wires and small overloads, voltage instability ...)
* Arbitrarily removable, loss of the status quo.
* Do not fill in the necessary information has been printed on the warranty card or deliberately edited, copied without permission of the Company.
Note warranty:
* Machine failure to deliver service center of the company.
* Warranty Card and Serial Number value indicated on the voucher.
* Always keep your warranty card for discount replacement parts.
* If you lose your Voucher Company will not issue again.

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